January 2013 @ TGGS

The [ART]TGGS January 2013

LND_Steps 1 - 3 by Lux Various by Gabrielle Swindlehurst

butterflies & Big Fish by Piedra LubitschThe [DECOR]walllogoL&K - Gifting paperbags

The [ACCESSORIES]postlogo[UMEBOSHI] Spring specs TGGS ad

zibska- zhenya collar for TGGSDDD_TGGS_Electrical glasses The [APPAREL]

NuDoLu -bottes de boutons22769 ~ [femme] High Waist Skirt dark chocolate 22769 ~ [femme] High Waist Skirt & Knit Tunic [Outfit] 22769 ~ [femme]  Knit Tunic grey -_-Morrigans Closet-_- Be My Valentine Shoes for TGGS!


Limited , Discounted , Transfer Items are Available at The Gallery Gift Shop.  

J A N U A R Y  R O T A T I O N  E N D S  2/14.

Thank you for your support.


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