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Courtesy Poster by Chiana Oh, TGGS flickr artist

TGGS is a monthly event where a wonderful team of various international creators and artists display a sample of their work along with the help of bloggers and volunteers. 

Most items are Exclusive, Limited Edition, Discounted and some are transferable for easy gifting. 

Items include: clothing, skins, hair, accessories,  decor, homes, poses, and original artwork and are newby-friendly.

We are very flickr friendly! Visit our stream and join our group for updates as they’re released.

The installation gardener is doP Kidd of KIDD grass.  His installations vary with each season, so don’t miss the photogenic opportunities.  He has been known to set up up a mini-installation mimicking TGGS setup ready for you to use at your home or business.

If you wish to support TGGS or join our team please contact TheGalleryGiftShop Resident with a NC.

We are continuously adding new artists and creators to our team and are blogger friendly.

Please read the correct tab for details.







TheGalleryGiftShop Resident

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