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November @ TGGS – SAIKIN SIM

The Gallery Gift Shop has moved to a new home!

The SAIKIN sim by boo Nakamura.  It imitates the Bradbury Building from many famous movies, if you haven’t visited this is your chance!  The SAIKIN sim homes the booN famous hair store along with the SAIKIN store and outlet of apparel and accessories, HANAUTA apparel and food gacha, nº 7 store which features cosmetics and also now home to The Gallery Gift Shop.

When you visit and explore the other floors and a hidden room (which has great SAIKIN samples at 1L) you will find a few apartments which have been decorated by some distinguished SL residents. Be sure to take a visit.


TGGS November 2013 - do not dwell in the past by Alyx Aerallo


August @ TGGS

The Gallery Gift Shop


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