TGGS Anniversary Hunt Sale Items

The Gallery Gift Shop Celebrates 3 years with it’s traditional Anniversary Hunt !

This is Part One, Part Two begins Aug. 6.

But first, some of the great exclusives and discounted items !

TGGS Anniversary Logo

TGGS 3rd Anni Ad - by Chiana Oh


And now for the Hunt Gifts !

You are looking for this hunt frame


to get these prizes !TGGS HUNT ITEMS

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Happy Birthday to The Gallery Gift Shop!

shortcake sugarplum:

by Chiana Oh

Originally posted on by Chiana Oh:

TGGS Anniversary LogoIt’s open and looking FAB!

TGGS Entrance

(located on the Saikin and booN sim)

I’ve shown you my contribution already (tho I am adding it again at the bottom of this post, just cos :D ) but there is so very much more to see at The Gallery Gift Shop – including a beautiful new build and an awesome free store hunt! The celebrations will continue for 6 weeks with Part II kicking off on August 5th – so check back often to see what’s new! I’ll be covering some of the items over on my fashion blog soon and you can also check out the Seraphim gallery post here.

TGGS 3rd Anniversary

For our hunt items we were given frames to include a self-portrait.. this is mine!
For our hunt items we were given frames to include a self-portrait… this is mine – happy hunting!

TGGS 3rd Anni Ad - by Chiana Oh

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